Double the Pleasure

20 Nov

In all my years of experience, I had never had two at the same time…until this week. And, oh my, it really was as good as I’d imagined. Are you picturing it? Putting yourself in my position? If there are now three people in your vision, then I must apologize for leading you on.

In this case, I’m talking about having two books released on the same day. And not just any two books but the two sexy thrillers that put my name on bestseller lists about fifteen years ago. Although I had to do quite a bit of revising to bring them both up to date, I am just as proud to see PRETTY MAIDS IN A ROW and SEE HOW THEY RUN newly available in e-book, with positively bad-ass covers, as I was when they first came out. Here’s a bit about each.


 Holly Kaufman’s safe little world is disintegrating. She’s falling in love with an entirely inappropriate, entirely irresistible man. And a recent encounter with a college acquaintance is forcing her to remember the violent abuse that darkened her life.

Two decades ago, innocent, young coeds were sexually violated by a group of fraternity brothers playing a cruel game. Unable to cope with the terrifying experience, the girls joined together in a support group. As mature women they are still meeting, only now, revenge is the first item on their agenda and the results have been most satisfactory.

Holly had never shared the secret of what those brothers had done to her, but when she’s asked to join the group, she hesitates only briefly. However, when the former frat boys start turning up dead and minus a certain significant organ, Holly wants out. Unfortunately she’s become a primary suspect and her only hope lies with the man who is reawakening her passion yet cannot be trusted. Somehow she must prove her innocence and discover the identity of the avenging angel of death before she becomes the next victim.


After nine years on the run, Barbara Johnson thought she was safe at last. Safe with her little boy, Matthew. Safe in a new city, with a new name. Safe from the abusive man she had run from. Safe from the wealthy family that had the power to take her child from her. More than anything Barbara wanted to raise her son with love and try to find affection and coAmfort for herself. She just wanted to feel safe.

But Barbara isn’t safe. A savage twist of fate unexpectedly strips away her disguise. And now those who wanted to hurt her and steal her child are coming after her, with every trick of the law and every weapon of lawless terror. There is no one Barbara can trust to help her, not even the seemingly perfect lover who has entered her life and heart…especially not him.

As icy peril from the past converges with a burning passion in the present, a mother’s greatest fear turns into a woman’s ultimate nightmare.

NOTE: If you’d like to read a substantial excerpt, here are the Amazon links –

 And just a little astro-reminder – Mercury goes retrograde on 11/23 for 3 weeks and there’s a solar eclipse on 11/25…something in your world “has got to give”. (For more information, please visit my personal website,

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and launch of a joyous holiday season!

Marilyn Campbell

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