Super Cool Writer’s Spy Gadget…and NaNo

15 Nov

It’s strange the kinds of things that influence us as writers. This being November, I let myself get a little crazy and write whatever fantastic thing comes to mind. No rules, no holds. No inner critic. So this NaNoWriMo’s project is a bounty hunter-teams-up-with-vampire-meets-zombie-apocalypse written in the first person.

I was watching television over the weekend and I caught this commercial for the Air Hogs Hawk Eye video camera helicopter. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this ad before, but this time it evoked something in me, given my current project. I saw this neat little thing flying around, with a camera no less, and my imagination went to work. (Actually my first thought was Jennifer Aniston better not do any more nude sunbathing in her back yard…)

We’ve had radio controlled flying devices in our house before, and believe me, they aren’t always easy to fly. But if you check out this youtube video, you can see this guy has pretty good control.

I think my heroine is going to use one of these to check for a clear path out of a zombie infested building. Now I’m back to work, November is half over!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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