How Smart is YOUR Cat?

9 Nov

I love animals. I always have and I’ve always had pets of some sort. Growing up they ranged from dogs, cats, turtles, birds, fish, lizards, chickens and a snake at one point. Of course, I thought for the longest time it was a large worm I’d caught in my bug catcher, but that’s probably a story for another day :). These days it’s a lot more traditional in my household and currently I have one cat. We got him from an animal shelter when he was a tiny, scrawny kitten. When my husband brought him home, he looked liked a sick rat. His white fur was so thin and uneven you could see patches of pink skin in places. He really was the ugliest cat I’d ever seen. When I asked why in hell he’d picked that cat he replied ‘He climbed right up to the top of the cage to look at me, right over all the other cats, higher than any of them.’ Men!

We affectionately refer to him as ‘the death kitten’. He escaped certain death at the animal shelter because the very next day they put down every single kitten they had in his enclosure for fear of the spread of a disease that several animals at the shelter had and there was no way anyone else would have picked this cat. Did I say ugly?

In fairness, he’s not really a cat. He acts more like a dog and thinks he’s a person. He eats carrots and toast and especially loves chicken nuggets, he plays fetch and he drinks out of a glass with his paw because he refuses to drink out of a bowl. I’ll often walk into the kitchen or the laundry and cupboard doors will be open. Yes, he opens doors all the time just to see what’s in there. It used to be freaky, now it’s kind of annoying because someone has to keep closing them!

One time when I was packing to go on a trip, he got so mad he went and pooped in my suitcase! On top of my favorite sweater! When I’m working at my desk, he gets annoyed if I don’t pay enough attention to him. He’s been known to jump up on my desk, give me ‘the look’ and then use his paw to swipe all my papers onto the floor. And yes, he likes to lay across anything I’m trying to read. My master bedroom is at the opposite end of the house from the kids. At night I still use a monitor to hear them if they need anything. When trying to wake me up in the middle of the night doesn’t work, he’ll walk to the other end of the house, stand next to the monitor and howl. Yes, howl. He knows I’ll hear it. And won’t be able to ignore it. How? I don’t know. Now we keep the hall door closed at night :).

His latest trick? He’s figured out how to turn on the radio on my clock radio. He gets up on my bedside table and presses the buttons on my clock radio until he turns it on. He knows when it goes off, I get up and eventually get around to feeding him! It was cute at first. Not so at 3:00 am in the morning!!

So do you have a cat or other animal that does weird things, wonderful things, incredibly smart things? Tell me, how smart is YOUR cat?

3 Responses to “How Smart is YOUR Cat?”

  1. Erica Anderson November 10, 2011 at 10:48 am #

    But what is his name?

    Your kitty seems to be pretty smart. Mine? Not so much. Unless you count the ability to sleep all day, have your food served to you, and receive massages on demand. : )

  2. Kaily Hart November 10, 2011 at 12:53 pm #

    Huh. I realized I didn’t say his name. It’s Sydney. Being from Australia myself, I wanted a name that reminds me of ‘home’ but we call him Syd for short. 🙂

    And your cat? Sounds pretty darn smart to me LOL!

  3. Crystal Kauffman November 12, 2011 at 3:08 pm #

    That -is- a smart cat. Our Sherkahn isn’t very smart, just crafty. She has taken to clawing and bumping at the bedroom door incessantly until we get up to feed her. She’s sixteen years old and nearly blind from detached retinas. She is the last of our brood. We had 4 (one was her sister who passed last year) and Sylvester was a narrow escapee of death like yours. He was a stray who was taken by a coworker. Because Sylvester’s siblings escaped the mudroom where they were being kept and the family couldn’t catch them again, her husband shot them. She told me this story laughing, like it was funny. I wish I’d had some way of recording that or another witness who heard her because I would have reported her. And she had small children! What a way to influence them into caring, compassionate adults. Thank you Kaily, for being the kind of person who rescues shelter animals.

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