Cook Naked Meets Write Naked Meets #NaNoWriMo

27 Oct

November is National Novel Writing Month and as the clock moves past the midnight hour Monday night, all over the world writers will launch new novels in the quest to finish one in thirty days as part of the great NaNoWriMo challenge. I’m planning to be one of them.

Don’t worry, I won’t go silent here on the blog and neither will Bond. We’ll be teaming up to bring you Nano quickies to fuel your bodies and your imaginations. Bond will supply the recipes and I’ll supply the writing tips.

My first tip is to write naked. Now in my mind this is more a philosophy than a fashion statement, but in the book, Fearless Creating, Eric Maisel suggests writing naked as an exercise to unleash your creativity and bring your wild side to the surface.

It is true, especially during the first draft, that you have to unleash your inner nudist to get at the most creative ideas. You have to write like you are one of those people who can walk down a beach without a stitch on and the only thing on your mind is how good the surf feels splashing over your feet and how warm the sun in is on your skin. You have to write like the people who make rules, and wave rule books at you, just don’t matter. Strip away rules and you’ll be surprised at the story that comes spilling from your fingers. There will be time for adding back a sprinkle conformity in the editing process, but for now let your wild child run free. Some writers are going to be able to write naked with their clothes on and some will have to pull the shades and drop their drawers. Just make sure the office door is locked and no one will know which category you fall into.

So sharpen your pencils, clear your desks, and toss those jammies on the floor. By this time next week I plan to have a few thousand words for that next novel in place. How many of you are joining me?

Here’s a little collection of links to help get you ready for NaNo:

Worksheets from Writer’s Digest
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Special Offers for Participants at NaNo Website
A Series of Articles to Prepare you for NaNo
Cool NaNoWriMo desktop Wallpaper


Snatch Me–Sex Bytes Exotika
The Dungeon Gourmet –BDSM Romance
The Tiger’s Tale–Shapeshifter Romance
From Orchid Games–Spirit Walker’s: Curse of the Cypress Witch Taking Romance into the Next Dimension

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