When Chatty McTalkypants Goes Quiet

24 Sep

I’m Sasha and I’m a Talker.

I love going to conferences. It makes me giddy like a kid at Christmas to be with people who love books as much as I do and understand the complexities of fighting with people who don’t really exist.  Give me a chance to speak to them and I’m nearly unstoppable.

I’m a very social person, don’t mind crowds or public speaking, and I realize as a I’ve talked to other writers this makes me an oddity.  I have no problems striking up a conversation with a stranger in a hallway or a bar and I’ve been known to rope the less comfortable into whatever insanity I’ve gotten into.  Most strangers are friends I haven’t met yet, though a few do become creepy stalkers who I, later, have to try avoid.

But oddly enough, I get shy when the focus is about my work.  I can talk for hours at length about others’ books but ask about my own and watch me go deer in the headlights and develop an immense interest in my shoes.

I went to the first Romanticon when I was still unpublished.  Heck, I hadn’t even finished a story at that point.  And I enjoyed schmoozing with authors, learning at the workshops and of course ogling the Cavemen.  I may have bought too many books and Fan Girled squeed as well.

This year will be my first time as a published author and I’ll undoubtedly have to talk about my work.  I might actually have to talk to someone who has read my book.  (Please excuse me while I have a stroke).

So if you see me next week, feel free to come over and say “hi!” And if you ask about my book, I’ll promise not to turn into Elmer Fudd….though I might channel him for a bit.


One Response to “When Chatty McTalkypants Goes Quiet”

  1. KJ Reed September 24, 2011 at 6:39 pm #

    I’ll come say hi. But then again, you were expecting that, weren’t you? 🙂

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