Cook Naked: A Spirited Goodbye to Summer

22 Sep

|Goodbye Summer|

Bonjour, mes amis. The hunt for Nara continues and spirits are drooping. What will we do? Nara is supposed to sign books at Romanticon next week and we still haven’t managed to free her from the plot bunnies. We have to search harder, mes amis. I know we can find her. I’ll offer bigger points and prizes this week to inspire you. As usual, we’ll do the drawing for the next winner at the end of today’s recipe.

This is the last day of summer and this rain is not helping morale. Nothing lifts the spirits on a cold rainy afternoon quite like a cup of something, hot, spicy and spirited. I’m making my special autumn punch to cheer up our search parties.


  • fresh apple cider
  •  dark rum
  • mulling spices
  • cranberry juice
  • cinnamon sticks


  1. Set a crock pot to low simmer and mix two parts cider to one part cranberry juice. These are my preferences. You adjust the ratio according to your taste. I don’t add sugar, but you add that if you want a sweeter cider.
  1. Next add a packet of mulling spice to a square of cheese cloth.Tie it tight and drop in the pot. Put a few cinnamon sticks on top and cover. Let the punch simmer all day.
  1. When you can’t wait any longer, ladle hot spiced cider in a mug and add a good measure of dark rum.


This is a sipping drink–you can’t drink it fast but you can drink it strong. If you’re sharing this with a lover, a little game of drip and lick can add spirit to the mood lifting qualities of the cider. Enjoy your last toast to summer, mes amis, and welcome a lovely autumn filled with fireside romance.


Bond is the kinky French chef from Nara Malone’s erotic romance novel, The Dungeon Gourmet.

“Goodbye Summer” photo by edoardocosta and shared under creative commons license.

***And the big moment, winner of today’s drawing for the $20.00 gift card is Michelle Bauer. Congrats, Michelle! Let us know if you want an Amazon card or a Barnes and Noble card.

4 Responses to “Cook Naked: A Spirited Goodbye to Summer”

  1. Michelle Bauer September 22, 2011 at 11:23 am #


    Thank you Monsieur & Madame…I would greatly enjoy an Amazon gift card…love their selection of ebooks…

    Michelle B. aka koshkalady

    • Jody F. September 22, 2011 at 1:59 pm #

      Congrats Michelle on winning this week! You’re rockin’ the contest and the Nook will be yours before you know it.

      Thanks too for the awesome recipe. At my annual Christmas party I always make a heated orange/apple cider with cinnamon and nutmeg that’s delightful.

      • Michelle Bauer September 23, 2011 at 9:13 pm #

        Hey Jody Thanks…it would be awesome to win as I have an extensive ebook library & would adore a portable device to enjoy them on… Hey I have a great recipe I created called Christmas Spicy Swirls & Cranberry Swirls great as holiday appetizers…

  2. Marilyn Campbell September 22, 2011 at 2:06 pm #

    Devilishly delicious…just like you Monsieur Bond.

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