Where in virtuality is Nara Malone?

1 Sep
From September 1, 2011

Mon Dieu! Mon Dieu!

C’est terrible, mes amis. Nara is gone.

We had another earthquake aftershock this morning, around five, I think. It was a big one. There is a ringing sound, like someone faraway hit a gong, and you hear the sound come close, feel it go through your bones, then fade away. It is unsettling. Nara hates that sound and she is always up writing at that hour, so I go to check on her. No, Nara.

Coffee still warm in her cup by the computer. Car still in th the drive. Her purse is by the desk.

She is not outside anywhere I look.

The only clues I have  to what happened are a few pages from her journal. She has an odd style journal, I don’t know what you call it, but the pages are loose, wrapped in a leather cover that ties shut with a leather string. Not a good design–the pages, they always slip out. You’d think I could follow them like a breadcrumb trail. Where Nara goes, that journal goes. But the pages on the floor were from earlier this week and the page on her desk was from this morning, as if she dropped pages on her way to the desk, but never left.

What will we do? She has worked so hard to prepare for the big contest today. Just yesterday, she say to me she has spent the afternoon, learning to make animated waves in her ocean with a sound. She was driven to make her story worlds feel real to readers. I don’t know what happen to her, mes amis, but I will make sure she has that wish. We will have her contest, but instead of looking for what she hid in the virtual worlds, we will be looking for Nara.

She has spent all her time there in the last month or so, there must be clues to what happened. These journal pages make me think the answer is there in virtuality somewhere.  I would go look myself, but you need a Facebook account to get in and they don’t allow the unreal to have those.

I have called Jolie, a character from Nara’s book, Snatch Me.  She is a smart girl and good with figuring out technical issues. Maybe she can find a way for us to get into these worlds. All of them are locked but one. She will be here at noon and explain getting in to you.

For now, this is what I need you to do. Login to your Facebook account. Then go to Nara’s blog  click the Login button on that BigDoor Tool bar at the bottom of the page, it will award game points to you. When you click the share button it will award you points for sharing on Facebook and Twitter. If people click the link in your likes and tweets you’ll get influence points. We need all the help we can get to find Nara, mes amis, so use your influence to call players to the game.

I will manually add points to your score for comments you make on posts at this blog (must be relevant, don’t abuse this) and for liking Nara’s author blog, email subscriptions, joining the site with that friend connect button on the sidebar, or following on Twitter. All these things you do will raise awareness and bring more people to help search. Be sure your Facebook name and Twitter name are in the comments for the Rulz post to Nara’s contest. That way I will be able to add your points. I will add points I track manually to your scores at midnight ET on Wednesday and will hold the first drawing for a prize at the PassionateReads.com blog Thursday Sept 8th. I hope we will find Nara before then.

Anyone joining the hunt for Nara before midnight Wednesday will be entered for Thursday’s drawing. You don’t have to earn points for the first drawing, but you need 200 points to advance to the next level so you will, of course, want to earn what you can now. And while you only need a thousand points to make it into the grand prize drawing for a NookColor, you don’t want to stop there. At the very end of the game, Nara will have a special prize for the highest points earner.

When Jolie gets here she will post a special page with the entries we have from Nara’s journal. I am no good at these technical details. For now, I have to get over to the erotic romance group at Coffee Time Romance where Nara chats with readers every Thursday. She will…what is that phrase you use in America? She will run me…run me to scraps? Mais oui! She will run me to scraps trying to keep up with her schedule.

Click away now, mes amis, use your influence to bring searchers to the hunt and get the word out that Nara is missing. Ah, one more thing, my friend Lilly tells me that you can log out and back into the toolbar once an hour which gives you check-in points and refreshes the share buttons so you can use them again. I will be back later. Look for Jolie at Nara’s blog around noon.


Le Marquis de Bond is the kinky French chef from Nara Malone’s book, The Dungeon Gourmet. He writes the Cook Naked posts here at Passionate Reads.

7 Responses to “Where in virtuality is Nara Malone?”

  1. Siobhan Muir September 1, 2011 at 2:04 pm #

    Oh no! Best of luck in finding Nara! The contest sounds amazing!

  2. Marilyn Campbell September 1, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    Who doesn’t love a good game of hide and seek!

    • Jody F. September 1, 2011 at 7:28 pm #

      I’m excited for this contest even though I’m not good at these kinds of games.

      • Bond September 2, 2011 at 7:30 am #

        Just between you and me, cherie, Nara is not good at games either. She loves to play, but I don’t recall she ever wins. She planned this so players can use their individual strengths be they technical, social, or creative to win. Thank you, for being bold enough to help us find her. I hope you enjoy the journey.

    • Bond September 2, 2011 at 7:30 am #

      Marilyn, I hope you will join us. We could use someone with your special gifts to help us find Nara.

  3. kellyjamieson September 3, 2011 at 10:17 am #

    Nara is my critique partner! I need her! We must find her quickly.

  4. Na S. September 8, 2011 at 11:56 pm #

    Oh Nara, where are you? There is a wonderful contest going on in your honour 🙂

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