Conference hangover.

16 Aug

I have one. Last week I attended the Romance Writers of Australia national conference with 350 other writers, editors, agents & publishers. I still haven’t recovered. My mind is still spinning with all the info I collected and the pages and pages of notes just add to the confusion. It was a great few days and I truly wish it could have lasted longer because no matter how much you try you never manage to catch up with everyone. I love how I always come away with new ideas and plans. Getting to hang out (in person) with friends I’ve known for years online but only seen a handful of times is the highlight of my year.

This year I’ve been lucky, RWAus11 was my third conference. Earlier in the year I attended the Australian Romance Readers Convention and Romantic Time Convention, and in just over a month I’ll be flying back to the US for Ellora’s Cave’s RomantiCon. I can’t wait to spend time with my fellow EC authors and of course the lovely Grace Bradley who edits my books into sparkly brilliance. 🙂

I’d have pix to show from last weekend but I somehow managed to break my camera. Actually, it’s Mr.C’s camera but he seemed to take the news rather well when I pulled it out of my handbag on the first day. He had a great time at conference, especially late after the awards dinner when we all headed downstairs to the bar. All the women were swooning at his ‘take-care-of’ personality. No one’s glass was ever empty and he managed to find another chair every time someone else joined the group. Kinda reminded me why I’ve kept him around for 23 years. 😉


Coming August 26

Book three in the Coyote Hunger series.

Gordie has tried to keep Steve McKenna at arm’s length, but the sexy coyote shifter is under her skin, in her blood and in her heart. No matter how much she fears what he makes her feel, she can’t bear to stay away. After he rescues her from a vicious attack, Gordie is helpless to deny the sizzling attraction burning between them.

There hasn’t been a day Steve has not wanted Doc in his bed, but bruised and bloody is not what he had in mind. The need for revenge is riding his coyote—almost as much as his aching desire to finally claim Doc as his own. But that will have to wait. He must first convince Doc the safest place for her is by his side. When a second attack draws them together, suppressed needs explode, leaving no doubt where they both belong.

But danger is never far behind and Gordie is forced to make a fatal decision that could destroy all they’ve worked so hard to discover.

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