Addiction or Obsession?

26 Apr

I can’t decide if I’m addicted or obsessed. Or maybe it’s love? Who knows. My latest addiction/obsession? Adele. OMG! I CAN NOT get enough of that woman’s voice. She’s 21! My son is 21. Do you know how old that makes me feel? And yet I continue to torture myself (and the Tribe) with her songs. Over and over and over and over……you get the idea. *grin*

I love this one –

But Adele isn’t my only vice. *hangs head* I’m addicted to the internet. Or at least the ability to connect to it. I discovered this while away this week. I have a mobile wifi device which works fine. Until I need it to. Then is shuts down and won’t connect and I’m cut off! *cries* It’s like someone cut off my oxygen, I couldn’t breath and the fear of what my inbox would look like when I could log back in had me shaking. I’m still trembling but now it’s in fear of my editor because she’s expecting edits from me but obviously my wifi was playing up before it died because the file I downloaded while away does NOT look right. So this morning will be spent re-downloading and editing.

Before I dive into the edits cave I want to share a couple of things with you all. First, I’ve got a new release, Bondi Beach Boys, coming from Etopia Press on May 6th. You can find out details on my website. And I had my first print release earlier this month. Passport to Passion is my novellas One Night In Bangkok and Singapore Fling and I was so excited to see it go up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Enough procrastinating, I better get to work before Ms.Ed comes looking for me. *grin*


3 Responses to “Addiction or Obsession?”

  1. Junegirl63 April 26, 2011 at 6:20 pm #

    I love Adele too! Congratuatlions on your upcoming releases…both look great!

  2. Karen C April 26, 2011 at 6:47 pm #

    Congratulations on the print release – doing the happy dance for you!

  3. Marilyn Campbell April 28, 2011 at 7:36 am #

    Great post Rhian but I think the different time zones kept me from seeing it until 4/28 a.m.

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