Cook Naked: Breaking the Mold

14 Apr

Bonjour. Bonjour.

Today I bring you a cooking pioneer. We should all be so lucky as to one day be thought a pioneer, yes?

You don’t get to that place by following the map or by sticking to the mold handed down to you by the ones who come before. You don’t get there by following the rules. The Galloping Gourmet used to start his cooking show with a skit. He ignored the politically correct prohibitons agaimst butter, and the wine flowed freely into the dish and into him while he cooked.

All of which earned him criticism. But his audience loved him. Don’t we all love those who dare to be different even when they fail? Below we have his attempt to break free of the mold, a resounding failure and one of his most succesful shows.

Enjoy, mes amis, and don’t be afraid to stir up something different in your life and your art. ~Bond

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