A Hot and Not of 2010

29 Dec

I saw a list just like this on another blog and I couldn’t resist borrowing it. The title that is. The list is all my point of view for some of what I liked and disliked from 2010. And it’s also abbreviated because I think I could have gone on and on. LOL

I wanted to talk about goals for 2011 but those are still a major work in progress. I’ve got my calendar and a list of projects though so here’s hoping I have a reasonable list by January 1.

In the meantime…

HOT in 2010

HTC EVO Smart Phone
My first Ellora’s Cave release
Erotic Romance
The iPad
Kevin Bacon Logitech Commercial
The eBook Boom
A Real White Christmas
Snoop Dogg Tribute To Sookie

NOT HOT in 2010

BP Oil Spill
Lying, cheating bastard breaking the heart of America’s sweetheart
Marie Claire
Amazon pulling ebooks off of people’s readers
Mega book deals for stoopid celebrities
Jonah Hex
Piranha 3D

What’s on your hot and not list?


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