Grand Marnier Strawberries with Madam Natalie

9 Dec


Bond: Like many of you, when I first meet someone I originally got to know as an online friend, I am nervous. Will they be the person I envisioned? Will I live up to their expectations? When I envision Madam Natalie, author of the Passionate Read’s Friday column Ask Madam Natalie, I envision a goddess. I was in New Orleans on business this week, so I dropped by Madam Natalie’s Playground. Did she live up to her her online image?

See for yourself, mes amis.


Madam Natalie: And what a pleasure it was to meet you, Bond. You certainly added a bit of spice to my Playground. My patrons are still talking… *grin* Think we should share our activities with our readers? Passionate Reads has a mature rating, right?

Bond: Of course we should share, mes amis. Sharing is one of my favorite things. 😉

Natalie received a fun question for her Q&A session this week for her blog–sex in the great outdoors–and she invited me to help her with the research, research involving an evening picnic. I know what you think, it’s New Orleans — alligators, snakes, swamp. Has Bond lost his mind?

You know what I was thinking? I was thinking only — What can I put in the picnic basket that Natalie will love?

Madam Natalie: If I have you there Bond I don’t even need the food. *waggles eyebrows* Now Bond, I’m trusting you that this swimming area will be alligator free and completely safe as promised. I have to admit I’m a little disappointed it’s so secluded. *pouts* I do like it when there’s the possibility to be caught, it adds to much to excitement of the umm… picnic.

Bond: I have a guard posted to deal with alligators. That edge of fear, of getting caught — not by the alligators — will add a flavor of excitement. Enslave them with flavor, mes amis. Enslave them with flavor. Today I show you a treat that any of you could make. It is so simple we can make it on our picnic in the wildlands. When your lover tastes this, you will own her, or him. But before we get to the cooking, Natalie has promised to tell me about project she is researching.

Madam Natalie: My pleasure. But I don’t want to give away too much. How about I simply reveal the question that sparked our little adventure into the seductive wetlands around my stomping ground?

Bond: You’re such a tease, cherie.

Madam Natalie: It’s part of my mystique, my pet. *blows Bond a kiss* The questions came from Mary in Texas…

“Madam Natalie, my husband has been wanting to take our sex life from the bedroom to the great outdoors, but I’m still a little hesitant. What do you think?”

What do I think? Let me show you…


A beautiful setting can ignite your fantasies and add spice to your romance.

Bond: I think there is more than the setting at work there, cherie, but I see your point. My fantasies are are pointing me in dangerous directions. We need to get back to business. Perhaps if I show Natalie what’s in my picnic basket, she’ll show me the goodies she brought with her.

*opens the basket* Pay attention, mes amis, and quit staring at that picture. This is what we need for a proper French picnic. Good wine, or champagne as we’re having. Real Brie, some fresh baguettes, and cold roast chicken.

Madam Natalie: And don’t forget the lubricant and latex. I always like to work those into the dessert portion of the evening.

Bond: You are not helping, Madam, but I think you know this. Now for the dessert, the edible dessert, we make that here. She has a naughty gleam in her eye. The fruit dessert, Madam, not the latex-dipped one.

Natalie you help me, should keep us out of trouble. We just need that container of sugar and the bottle of Grand Marnier. Mix a 1/4 cup sugar to a cup of liqueur.

Mmm…very nice. *swirls index finger in the mix then offers it to Bond* Want a taste…

*mops brow* More than you know, cherie. But I will behave. Now we set the strawberries to soak and we have time for a swim before our supper. I need a nice, cold swim.

Madam Natalie: Mmm I do love swimming, and sex on the beach is delicious. Although my pet Lauren gave me a sneak peak at her new book, Sex, Sin and Surf and I have to admit, I’m dying to try out the position they use to avoid getting sand in all those intimate places.It has given me all kinds of wonderful ideas I can’t wait to test out, I promise you’ll have worked up an appetite. *winks*


Bond: I worked up an appetite for more than food. You feed your lovely, Grand Marnier Strawberries by firelight, under the stars, and tell me how it goes. Madam Natalie whispered in my ear the trick for not getting sand in intimate places. I think I need another swim. Check out Lauren Fraser’s new novel: Sex, Sin, and Surf — you’ll understand why.

If like me, you can’t get enough of Madam Natalie, drop by the blog tomorrow and see what she’s got in mind for the great outdoors. She has the wicked mind. *Grin* I like that.


Sex, Sin, and Surf, by Lauren Fraser, releases tomorrow from Ellora’s Cave.

Madam Natalie is a character created by Lauren Fraser and Brandi Evans, you can read her Ask Madam Natalie column right here at Passionate Reads every Friday.

The pictures of Natalie and Bond were taken in Second Life at the lovely Little Bee Simulation in Sonagi.
The last picture was taken at Nara’s Writer’s Retreat.
Bond is the kinky chef from Nara Malone’s novel, The Dungeon Gourmet.
You can learn more about Nara at her website.

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