Cook Naked: Vanilla Leftover Alternative

25 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bond: Happy Thanksgiving, mes amis, and happy birthday to me.

Nara: I’d almost forgotten you were born out of a Thanksgiving disaster. I let my niece and her friend take over my kitchen and take a stab at making Thanksgiving dinner. I don’t know why I thought that might be less work.

Bond: Laughing. You might say I was forged in the flames.

Nara: Lol. So true. I woke up the next morning with your voice in my head and the story just spilled from my fingers.

Bond: Lucky for me you were masochist enough to surrender your kitchen to young girls. For our friends who have slaved in the kitchen today we have a special treat.

I think after cooking all day, mes amis, you need something simple and light to do with your leftover turkey.

Nara: I picked up the perfect recipe at a tropical Thanksgiving feast when I visited family in Florida. It’s very simple to make. You heat up 4 tortillias, mix the ingredients listed, and divide the mixture between the wraps.

Bond: It is an unusual combination, but here in the dungeon we’re all about trying things outside the box, something beyond traditional.

Nara: Beyond vanilla.

Bond: Exactly, cherie. Exactly.

Happy Thanksgiving, mes amis. Enjoy your leftovers. Think of something deliciously sexy to do with your holiday while you dine.

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