Crystal Kauffman’s World Tour, day 5

7 Oct


Saving Lady Ilsa

Available now at Ellora's Cave


Hello and thanks for stopping by! It’s day 5 of my world tour promoting my newest release, Saving Lady Ilsa and I’m happy to be on my home turf today, blogging with fellow authors who all share the most wonderful editor at Ellora’s Cave in common.

Today I’m going to be talking about sex in erotica. There are a lot of ideas about when the first sex scene should actually occur, but my thoughts on this are “where they belong.” Sex in a romance, whether it’s a steamy romance or erotic romance, needs to have a purpose to the plot and to the characters, and has to move the story forward. So throwing a raunchy sex scene in just to titillate isn’t going to work as well as a scene that serves an integral purpose to the plot or acts as a turning point for the characters. So wherever it falls, it just has to be meaningful!

In Saving Lady Ilsa, Bradford and Ilsa have sex the first night she spends under his roof. She knows she was brought to the house to serve him sexually, and he wants to be sure she understands it. So while there is very little emotional connection between these two people who have only just met, she submits to him and he displays his dominance in a sort of “test” to clearly define their roles. Of course, love has a way of mucking up the best laid plans.

Here’s chapter five of Secret Seduction, my free short story which takes place parallel to Bradford and Ilsa’s story in the servants’ quarters.

Chapter 5: Secret Seduction

“Where’s your head at, girl!” Cook shoed her aside and ran to the oven, fanning the escaping smoke aside with her towel. She wadded it up and wrenched open the door to remove the tray of ruined cookies. “The missus will be mightily displeased! Quickly now, make another tray with what’s left of the dough. Great goblins, I hope there’s enough.”

Angelina swallowed back her tears. Before she could move, Ellie took the nearly empty bowl and prepared another tray, these much smaller to stretch the last of the dough into another six cookies.

“I’m sorry, Cook!”

“Sorry, ah, you’re always sorry. Tell that to the missus when sees her favorite cookies are as small as shillings. You’ve been stumbling around here like a blind cat what can’t find the milk for days now.”

“I’m…I’m…” Before she could form another pathetic apology, she fled the kitchen.

What had she been thinking, believing she could earn a promotion just for being eager? She was a terrible cook, plain and simple. It didn’t help that she was distracted every minute by Todd’s enchanting kisses replaying over and over in her mind, but the simple truth was she did not possess the natural skill to flavor, or judge the doneness of anything from cookies to roast. Yesterday she’d ruined the carrot soup when she’d accidentally spiced it with cinnamon instead of cardamom.

At this rate she would never marry a gentleman. Maybe, like being a cook, it wasn’t meant to be. Her mother had tried to convince her she was a simple girl who should have simple goals, but Angelina had always believed having a pretty face would earn her more in life. What a fool she’d been.

At this time of night the house was quiet. Most of the staff were retired and Lord William wouldn’t return until the wee hours of the morning. She was free to stand in the gardens and cry for as long as she liked. But even though she felt quite sorry for herself, she had no desire to cry.

In the distance, the stables loomed as a dark shadow bearing a pinprick of light from a lamp in the upper window. The boys were in their cots. She thought of Todd and a surge of joy hit her heart.

She was destined to marry him, and what a wonderful life that would be. To think, she’d clung to her silly dream of a man she didn’t even know and nearly lost her way to this kind, gentle and handsome man who had been dropped before her surely by the heavens themselves.

She made her way carefully through the dark grounds. She eased up the ladder to the loft slowly to avoid creaks.

All the boys were asleep save Todd, who read a leather bound volume by the low light. He looked up when he saw her enter.

Come with me, she mouthed, and immediately he set the book down. She made her way back down the ladder ahead of him and slipped behind the mountain of straw the boys would use tomorrow for fresh bedding for the horses.

When he found her she surged into his arms and kissed him fiercely. He was surprised at first, but immediately fell into it with matched eagerness. Still kissing him, she urged him down onto the sweet straw. She pushed him onto his back and pulled at his shirt.



She urged his shirt over his head. He was more muscular than she’d realized, and obviously older than the other boys. He was certainly more beautiful than the others.

She removed her apron and worked the buttons on her dress. After much wrestling of her clothes she managed to bare her breasts. Even in the near darkness, Todd’s eyes revealed sultry appreciation. He reached and touched them, pulling slightly until his fingertips came to a gentle pinch at her nipples. Waves of heat rolled from head to toe and a powerful yearning pulled at her center.

She rose and worked her bloomers down. The seam of one leg ripped as she dragged it over her shoe. Todd hadn’t moved, but didn’t stop her when she pulled at the buttons of his trousers. When she dragged them over his hips, he kicked them the rest of the way down. She straddled him again, hiding their nakedness with her skirts.


“Take me.” She bent forward and seized his kiss. He gripped her arms, clearly on the verge of refusing her. He knew this was wrong. So did she, but she didn’t care.

He flipped her over and fell between her legs, his nakedness was against her nakedness. She felt the hot readiness of him.

He rubbed his cheek against hers and whispered in her ear. “Are you certain?”

“I am.”

He shifted his hips, pushed against her secret entrance, and breeched her. A hot pinch flared and just as quickly vanished, and there was nothing but the bulk and weight of him claiming her. Her catch of breath turned to a sigh. Oh my.

He moved, stoking the building fire inside her. The sensation was otherworldly. She’d never felt so connected to another person before. His breathing increased and his face glowed with a light sheen of sweat. He grunted, then sighed with pleasure and finally lay still, still deep inside her.

If this was what went on between husbands and wives, she celebrated the idea of marrying this servant. Every movement, touch and pressure revealed his adoration. What a wonderful way to grow old.

The silence closed in on them. Todd slid to the side and cuddled up beside her. After a while she sensed he’d fallen asleep. She quietly rose and fixed her clothing as best she could. She needed to get back before Mary grew worried.

She bent and kissed his cheek. “I love you, Mr. Jones.”

* * *

The word in today’s treasure hunt: “music”

Don’t miss me tomorrow at Nicole Austin’s blog for another hint and chapter six of Secret Seduction. For the first chapters and all the information on my contest, visit my website.

6 Responses to “Crystal Kauffman’s World Tour, day 5”

  1. Crystal Kauffman October 7, 2010 at 5:58 pm #

    Hi Everyone! I hope you’re enjoying my short story. Today’s word hint should be the clincher for anyone who still can’t figure out the quote. I’ve already gotten correct entries so I’m sure this word is probably the last one you need, but just in case you still can’t figure it out, I’ll list out all the words on my website on October 13, the last day entries will be accepted.

    Remember to pop over to my website if you’re ready to submit your answer!

  2. Cathy M October 7, 2010 at 7:10 pm #

    Hi Crystal,

    Another great excerpt today. And I am one of those that just figured it out, lol!

  3. Lauren Fraser October 8, 2010 at 4:03 am #

    Congrats on the release. It sounds like a great book. Enjoyed the excerpt

  4. SiNn October 9, 2010 at 11:34 pm #

    im loven this story

  5. Chris Roberts October 9, 2010 at 11:50 pm #

    I prefer the love scenes to go where they belong in the story. Nothing like making me want to through a book against a wall if they throw in a love scene just to make the book fit the rating they want.

  6. Tara W October 10, 2010 at 12:26 am #

    I am really enjoying the short story and I think I just figured out the quote.
    mizztuts AT bellsouth DOT net

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