SexyScope Forecasts for September 12-18

12 Sep
By Marilyn Campbell

*Ooh-la-la! Mars & Venus are dancing together (in direct motion) in Sexy Scorpio 9/15-10/7.

*Saturday, 9/18/10 – Good Luck Jupiter and Surprise Factor Uranus have a rare hook up in Dreamy Pisces making MIRACLES possible.

AriesARIES – March 21 to April 19:  Mercury going direct on the 12th will ease communication problems you’ve been having but your ruling planet, Mars, meeting up with Venus, in sex-driven Scorpio, is bound to amp up your itch factor. Thus the following warning from last week bears repeating. You may be obsessing over getting hot and sweaty with someone new but it would be beneficial to wait until after the 23rd before making a move of any kind.

TaurusTAURUS – April 20 to May 20:   You lucky bull. Nearly half the planets are getting into position to enhance your love life. True love, important relationships and long-term commitments are going to be demanding attention for the next several weeks. Don’t worry, if you allow those areas to be priorities now, all the other life areas will “magically” take care of themselves.

GeminiGEMINI – May 21 to June 20:   Thank the stars, your ruling planet, Mercury, goes direct again this week, so you’ll soon be able to tap into your natural charm to impress the object of your desire…whether it’s a love interest or potential employer. If you’re one of the many Geminis who haven’t felt up to enjoying any close encounters because of job or money challenges, be assured that your sex drive will be back on the main highway by this week’s end.

CancerCANCER – June 21 to July 22:   If you don’t have an over-the-top sexual experience and/or start a new, exciting romance in the next several weeks, it will be because you’ve determined to stay melancholy over something that’s done and gone. Mars and Venus will be doing the bump-and-grind in one fellow water sign, sexy Scorpio, and good luck Jupiter and surprising Uranus will be mating in another, Pisces, on the 18th. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect scenario to hook up…with someone.

LeoLEO – July 23 to August 22:   The Sun, your ruling planet is still in straight-laced Virgo this week, making it hard for you to have the sort of animalistic action you were wishing for. On the other hand, most of the rest of the planets are getting into position to help solve your financial dilemma. Sometimes the Universe does know what you need better than you do.

VirgoVIRGO – August 23 to September 22:   HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If you’re in a relationship, you can expect things to keep getting better or rise to a higher level of commitment. Single Virgos will find happiness with a new admirer. Try not to question if this person is for real. In this case, what might seem too good to be true is actually refreshingly real. By the way, if you’re leaning toward going back to an old lover, take a good look at your reason and determine who would actually benefit.

LibraLIBRA – September 23 to October 22:   Hey, Libra, in case you haven’t noticed, there’s an elephant in the room. If you haven’t already addressed and done something about an important relationship issue, Saturn, the Karmic Lord, is about to use the Mars-Venus joining to force it onto your center stage. If you’re honest with yourself, this is not the first time you’ve been in this situation. There’s a big life lesson here and, the sooner you learn it, the faster you can stop repeating it.

ScorpioSCORPIO – October 23 to November 21:  As of the 15th of September, Scorpio will be the hottest, most “wanted” sign in the zodiac.  Mars and Venus will be checking into your hotel and hanging a big do not disturb sign on their door. You can expect this rendezvous to be like adding an explosive to your usually smoldering fire. Enjoy! (Just try to exercise a bit of compassion.)

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS – November 22 to December 21:   Unfortunately for Sags, this week’s Mars-Venus hook-up promises to keep pushing you into seeing the truth about your most intimate relationship, rather than bringing you some free-style fun and games. Your benefactor, Jupiter, will make your situation more bearable, however, by bestowing some serious good luck in your home area. A real estate investment in the coming weeks could prove advantageous…and distracting.

CapricornCAPRICORN – December 22 to January 19:   If your sexual desires seem to be tiptoeing into the less traditional/acceptable lifestyles, you can blame your houseguest, Pluto, in retrograde. The ruler of your obsessive side will go direct this week but it will remain in your sign for another fourteen years. So don’t expect those secret attractions to go away anytime soon. Do it, don’t do it, your choice, but don’t deny it’s a part of you.

AquariusAQUARIUS – January 20 to February 18:   Although Mars and Venus doing the tango in Scorpio generally spices up people’s love and/or sex life, in your case, their influence is focused on sparking up your career. Perhaps a potential business partner will fall in your lap or a new supervisor will recognize your skills and move you up the ladder. For Aquarians with writing aspirations, this can mean finding the perfect co-creator, agent or editor.

PiscesPISCES – February 19 to March 20:   The September 18th meeting of Jupiter and Uranus in your sign makes the possibility of a miracle so much greater for you than all the other signs. What is your grandest dream, Pisces? If it includes having the ideal mate, Mars and Venus are on hand to help with that part. All this week leading up to that day, envision that dream, believe in it then just sit back and see what the Universe brings in.

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  1. Nara Malone September 14, 2010 at 11:28 pm #

    Great forecast for me! My birthday was Monday.

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