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Cook Naked: Egg Nog Ice Cream

8 Dec

Bonjour, mes amis. Everyone has a favorite holiday treat. My favorite–my lover in nothing but a bow. Nara’s–Egg Nog Ice Cream. I can’t argue it is delicious, but it’s terribly hard to find. After some trial on my part, and many errors on Nara’s part, we came up with a recipe that is easy enough for her to make and delicious to eat.


  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1 can (14oz)  sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 cups eggnog
  • 2 tablespoons Baily’s Irish Cream
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg


  1. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl.
  2. Pour mix into your ice cream maker and prepare according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Then comes the fun part, mes amis, tasting. Now me, I like my ice cream served up on my lover. If you’re having guests over, you may want to serve it up on your favorite pie or by itself. Try it and let me know what you think.

Bond is the kinky French chef from Nara Malone’s erotic romance novel, The Dungeon Gourmet.

Snatch Me–Sex Bytes Exotika
The Dungeon Gourmet –BDSM Romance
The Tiger’s Tale–Shapeshifter Romance
From Orchid Games–Spirit Walker’s: Curse of the Cypress Witch
NaraMalone.com Taking Romance into the Next Dimension

Cook Naked: Oh Canada! French Toast!

8 Sep

20060530 french toast 01

Ah, bonjour, mes amis, I want to thank all of you who are helping with the search for Nara. I know everyone is anxious to see the winner of today’s drawing for their choice of a $10 gift card from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. But first, we need to feed the search parties and Kelly Jamieson, who is desperate to get her crit partner back, joins me today to help support your efforts.

I don’t know if you knew, Kelly is from Canada. She’s a hockey fanatic too and she shares her love of country and hockey in her newest erotic romance, Face Off, out tomorrow from Ellora’s Cave.  To celebrate the release of Face Off,  Nara had scheduled us to do a Cook Naked blog together. And let me just say, mes amis, Canadians do French toast better than the French. I look at the list for ingredients, and my mouth waters.

1 dozen eggs

½ cup cream

½ tsp vanilla

Zest of one orange

2 tbsp Grand Marnier

1 loaf of French bread, sliced 1 “ thick

Bond:  Kelly, tell me about Face Off while I locate the ingredients for this recipe.

Kelly:  Faceoff is a quick little read and features Tag Heller. You might recognize his name – he’s the oldest brother of Jase Heller from my book Breakaway. The Heller family has four hockey playing brothers and this is Tag’s story.  Tag is back in his home town because the NHL team he plays for has been sold and moved back to Canada. As the returning “home town hockey hero” he has a lot of pressure on him to put positive spin on this move. When his family convinces him to take a week off and spend it at the lake cottage, he meets up with Kyla MacIntosh. They grew up together because their parents were best friends. She was like a little sister to him…but she’s not any more. Now they’re both all grown up and ready for a hot week at the lake.

Bond:  This makes Kyla the love that got away, n’est-ce pas?  Obviously, Tag was not going to let the perfect woman be lost to him. Neither would I. We don’t give up around here, mes amis. We don’t allow stale to take over. And that’s what pain perdu, the lost bread, or French toast as you say here, is about. Recovering what is lost.

It could be about wooing back the love that got away, or maybe your love life needs a little spark, something to make that passion fresh again. You make this Canadian French Toast,  serve it as breakfast in bed for your lover and the sparks will fly, flames will crackle.

And of course, Kelly would bring us a recipe that requires using the whip. We all have our little fetishes. *winks at Kelly* Who do you wish to wield the whip Kelly, vous ou moi?

Kelly:  Oh vous, Bond, s’il vous plait –  I like watching you yield the whip. Please, whip it good. Tag, in Faceoff, has a bag of toys he brought to the lake with him (apparently he wanted to be prepared for anything during that little holiday). He doesn’t have a whip but he does have a few other fun things that he and Kyla make good use of. Because they’re there with their families, they end up spending most nights together in a tent Tag sets up. Have you ever had sex in a tent, Bond?  ___ How about in a boat?

Bond:  Non, not in a boat or a tent. A boat? This is true? I have to read this book.

It is hot in here and we haven’t even preheated the oven. Set it to 375, cherie.

Kelly will slice a loaf of french bread while I do the whipping. I just use the wire whip, no need for fancy mixers or blenders. There is something so satisfying about the steady beat of the whip and churning up the froth.  We start by mixing the base ingredients for the recipe. And I don’t mean base the way you think, mes amis. Always you take my comments and you think sex. I mean the foundation of the recipe. Eggs, cream, and vanilla. Get the finest quality for this. To rescue something you let get away you need quality ingredients. Isn’t this so, Kelly?

Kelly:  Yes that is so. Tag and Kyla were friends a long time ago. She always wanted to be one of the guys and followed them around everywhere, but she was never really one of the guys and as she got older Tag started noticing her as a woman. But Kyla has two older brothers and Tag knew if he ever laid a hand on her, they’d probably beat him up. So he left town for his pro hockey career. Now he has another chance to be with her and this time he’s going to take it.
Bond:  Tag sounds like a man with dominant leanings. Letting a lover know  she is what you want, is so sexy. A little lover’s game of take what you want, is a nice spice to the love life now and then too.  Once the foundation is prepared, then we add spice, the unique flavor that grabs attention. Orange zest brings spark to these base flavors, but the Grand Marnier breathes it to life.

Kelly:   I love the way you say Grand Marnier with that sexy French accent. *sigh*

Bond: Ah, you tempt me, Kelly. Now like any romantic endeavor, foreplay is key. You put the lost bread in a low sided pan or dish and drizzle the mixture over. Okay, you don’t have to drizzle, you can pour, but drizzling is sexier, gets your mind thinking of slowly immersing your lover in something delicious, giving her time to soak up the pleasure. We give this dish an all night soak, so I put a tray in last night to have ready this morning.

Kelly:   I’ve made this recipe many times but never thought of it as foreplay. You’re right…it’s a long slow build up to the finish.

In the morning, take the slices and place them on a well-greased cookie sheet. They will have soaked up all the luscious liquid. Then bake them at 375 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes. During that time you can return to bed for a little snuggling before breakfast. When it’s done, it’s amazing how it becomes a little crisp, the inside of the bread creamy and delicious.

Bond:  *Grabbing towel, mopping forehead.* The only thing hotter than cooking with Kelly, is reading her books. I’m sure her husband can add more items to the Kelly hot list. Sex in a boat? You researched this, cherie?

Kelly: Let’s stick to cooking, Bond.

This is wonderful served with strawberries (or other fruit) and of course because it’s Canadian French toast, you must serve maple syrup, which is sticky and sweet. Be careful if you’re eating in bed. On the other hand, if some gets spilled, licking syrup off each other could be fun…

Bond:  Licking, now there is my favorite sport. Enjoy French toast Canadian, mes amis.

Until next time, go stir up something different. Don’t forget to grab Kelly’s new book, Face Off,  when it releases tomorrow.


Oh, oh, almost forgot. The drawing. I put the names in a hat and Jolie pulled one out. The winner is…….. Cara Micheals!  Congrats to you, cherie. Please leave in the comments your choice of Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  Next week’s prize is a $15 gift card and we only have one player with enough points to get in that drawing. Get clicking, mes amis. You only need two hundred points. If you do the extra credit challenges for yesterday(comment on my interview with Siobhan Muir and follow her blog) and today(comment here and subscribe this blog), you’ll be halfway there. It’s not too late to join the hunt for Nara. As you can see, I’m generous with ways to earn points, and we have 5 more weeks of adventure and prizes to go. The grand prize, a Nook Color, is both an e-reader and a small tablet computer. Looks to me like your chances of winning are superb.

Cook Naked: Beyond Vanilla–Ice Cream & BDSM

30 Jun

Ice cream

Beyond Vanilla

Vanilla is our foundation, the beginning on which we build all other flavors of love–or ice cream. In the dungeon the flavors of ice cream are the metaphor we use to compare how far from the base we wander. Some wander no further than colored sprinkles on the vanilla, some they want death by chocolate with a side of chile peppers.

So often those outside our world pass a judgement. They say this or that thing is not love. How could using a cane be love? How could sharing a woman with another be love? Is humiliation play love? Are water sports love? Is stripping away a submissive’s identity love?

A spice is never good or bad, mes amis. A spice is only wrong when it does not complement the other elements in a dish, no? Do we add vanilla to our chile? Do we add chile powder to the vanilla ice cream? Which spice is added to play is something a dominant and submissive discover together. Their flavors will not be yours.

Why does one sub need to lick boots and another want something like golden showers? These things make vanilla lovers cringe. Like licorice, some flavors are for the fringe. Did we all have a life that played out as simple and sweet on our souls as vanilla is on our tongue?

Dungeon love is about digging into our shadows. It is about sharing the dark sides of ourselves with a trusted lover, being able to share things no one else could understand or accept. We all have shadows, mes amis. Some have more shadows than others. Some shadows run deeper and darker than others.

When we make love we are stripped down to our skin. This is the vanilla level. When we make love in the dungeon, we strip down to our soul. What my submissive and I need are unique to us. What she needs may push me. What I need may push her. We find a way to go there together, or we search for a different lover. And with a different lover the needs, and the journey, would take a different direction.

I will give you the rule of thumb I share with Mine. If you come up against a request that gives you pause, ask this: Will I grow from this? Will this make me more than I am, or will it make me less? Never choose a path that makes you feel diminished.

Allow me to mix the metaphors. Playing a scene is cooking up a love story together. It is creating scenes to savor and consume. We choose the ingredients, the challenges we encounter. We step into our roles and like the characters in a novel, we don’t have the easy time, because hard makes us stronger. Crisis makes us dig deep to be more, ne c’est pas? Each element in the scene we play will act like a psychological metaphor that says something specific to the character. And never assume that just because the dominant is in charge that his limits aren’t challenged and his boundaries expanded.

It sounds complicated. It sounds dangerous. It is. It can be. We each choose our own level, how far beyond vanilla we want to go. How far each of us needs to go.

Below I give you the base for vanilla ice cream. This is the foundation. You take it to the next level. You mix it up and when it is at the soft semi-frozen state, fresh from the ice cream maker, you add the next level. Do you want to add crumbled cookies, or mango puree?

A blind fold? A smack on the bottom?

Now, you tell me how far beyond vanilla do you like it? What flavor could you add to your lover’s journey that insists you both grow. Find a challenge, mes amis. Stir up something different.


Ingredients for Easy Vanilla Ice Cream

1 quart half and half
1 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated milk)
2 Tablespoons vanilla extract

Freeze mix according to the directions for your ice cream maker or if you don’t have an ice cream maker you can make it with a large and small plastic bag plus ice and salt see instructions here.

Bond is the kinky blogging chef from Nara Malone’s erotic novel The Dungeon Gourmet, available here from Ellora’s Cave.

You can find out more about Nara and her writing at NaraMalone.com

Cook Naked: Eggnog Belgian Waffles

23 Dec

When waffles and ice cream live in sin…

Bonjour and Merry Christmas, mes amis. Tibby Armstrong is with me today and she brings you a sexy holiday treat for your lover.

Welcome, Tibby.

Tibby: May I say what an honor it is to be in your kitchen? I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for some time. In fact, I find you quite an inspiration.

Bond: Merci, Tibby. Sheet Music,your novel, gets my creative juices flowing. Tell everyone about your book.

Tibby: Sheet Music is my debut novel with Ellora’s Cave. Full of glamour and intrigue, it’s the story of Kyra Martin, a rather determined music journalist, and David Tallis, the equally stubborn superstar whose story could make or break her career. Neither one of them is much of a chef, but David sure can heat up a room!

Bond: A hobby of mine is making cooks of those who find the kitchen a challenge. Some think cooking is a chore. I enjoy the process and especially the history behind some recipes. Many people think eggnog comes to America from Europe. It does, but not in the form Europeans originally used. They made a wine punch. I think the American version — with it’s additions of Rum, or Bourbon — has the richer flavor. Now we don’t add the alcohol to our eggnog before we mix it in the waffles, but there is a place for the spirits. You’ll see.

Tibby: I can’t wait to taste your sinfully delicious concoction, M. Bond. Late in Sheet Music, Kyra and David set out to make Belgian waffles, but encounter a disastrous case of what you might call kitchen interruptus. I always wondered what might’ve happened if they’d managed to, uh, get to the whipped topping.

Bond: *chuckling* I know this kitchen interruptus too well. As for what happens when you get to the whip cream, that is something you must explore. Maybe I can inspire you to write a Belgian waffle Quickie.

For such a decadent treat, Belgian Waffles are easy to make. You need the waffle iron, but that is the only special tool. You may want something like a picnic cloth for the bedroom if you are going for breakfast in bed. This is definitely a breakfast it may be fun to serve on your…er..to your lover in bed.

Tibby: Hm. Sheet Music brings romance back to the dining table in one of my favorite scenes. Although David can afford it, perhaps we could use the inspiration and spread our feast here rather than risk ruining the satin duvet?

Bond: *grins* Satin sheets. I like his style. Memories of satin sheets and silky skin are running away with me. We need to get busy here. I start by sifting the dry ingredients together. Tibby will get the iron heated.

Tibby: *looks over her shoulder* Do you prefer to oil your iron M. Bond?

Bond: Brat. You tease me. Oui, use the canola spray.

Next we beat an egg into the eggnog. *waggles eyebrows at Tibby* I hear you have a special whipping technique, Tibby.

Tibby: It’s a fairly standard technique I learned from David and Kyra, actually. You just beat it, like so, until it peaks… Oh. Wait. I was thinking of the cream again.

Bond: Mm, yes, many things get peaks with a beating, but eggnog gets frothy. *licking lips* The extra egg goes into the eggnog and follow that with a couple of pats of melted butter. We want thick. We want rich. We worry about consequences after the holiday.

Tibby: Thick and rich… Reminds me of David’s voice. It sizzles down your spine the way I’d imagine this batter hits the iron. As with your recipes, M. Bond, fans can never get enough.

Bond: Voice is like a spice, n’est-ce pas? The lover’s tone, those sexy moans they carry you into another world, become a special language. In cooking, the sound’s ands scents are the language. You learn the difference between the wet sizzle that means we still have a way to go and the higher pitch that signals completion is near. Let’s mix the bowl of liquid ingredients into the bowl of dry, and soon you will hear for yourself.

This is another recipe you have to feel your way into. Maybe you like a little nutmeg in your waffle. Nutmeg is spice that says holidays and eggnog to me. Maybe you need more eggnog to make the mixture pour well. You decide.

Tibby: It seems combining the down-to-earth with the exotic in this recipe takes considerable finesse with a dash of intuition, M. Bond. Not being much of a cook myself, I’m wondering if it’s more or less difficult than finding your way around a rock star’s entourage.

Bond: I think Kyra would agree that when you open your senses, use your passion and love for a compass, you find what you’re seeking.

Right now we seek golden brown. You know she is done when the steam subsides, when the sizzle takes a certain tone. Look there, she is golden, glistening,just a hint of steam rising and the scent of nutmeg. She makes my tongue twitch. And now we get to the fun part — dressing her up.

Tibby: Ooh! Dress up! I had such a Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman moment when David sent his entourage to glam up Kyra for a music industry award event! I think, however, he had even more fun undressing her in the… *smells the iron overheating* Oops. Sorry. I digress.

Bond: I love that part of the story too. Men, we like to wrap a woman in something pretty and just look, savor her. But you are right, the undressing is even more fun than the dressing. Before we get to savoring, we need to finish the dressing.

You can choose the toppings you like. For this version we heat blackberry preserves in a pan. Now is the time for the spirits. I like a good Kentucky bourbon for this part. Take just a dash and stir in the preserves. We want the flavor but we don’t want it too runny.

Ah mes amis, if you could smell this feast. Magnifique! Okay, Tibby, bring on the whipped cream.

Tibby: Finally! The whipped cream! *dips finger into bowl*

Bond: *catches Tibby’s wrist and steals the first lick from her finger* Whip cream and the taste of a woman’s skin…mmm. Get a copy of sheet music, mes amis, and you’ll be inspired to make some sheet music of your own. Happy Holidays.


1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon sugar
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 1/2 cups eggnog
2 tablespoons butter, melted
1 egg, beaten
1 cup preserves
2 cups berries
1 cup whipped cream, to garnish (optional)
Bourbon (optional)
Ice Cream (optional)
One copy of Sheet Music by Tibby Armstrong (don’t leave this ingredient out)

***Special Notice — Next week, instead of my regular column, the lovely Grace Bradley will blog about the writing contest Passionate Reads is hosting during January. Mark your calendars and be ready with any questions you have for her.

You can get a copy of Sheet Music, by Tibby Armstrong, here at Ellora’s Cave.

You can learn more about Tibby at her website.

Master Bond is the kinky blogging chef from Nara Malone’s novel, The Dungeon Gourmet.

You can learn more about Nara at her website.


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